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Dad's Piano

Dad's Piano

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This is part of our Standard Print Series. For the Limited Print, go here. See details below.

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    Hand-Signed and Numbered

    Every print is printed, signed and numbered to order.

    The artist signs and numbers the front of each print. The back of each includes:

    • Name of Work
    • Print Number
    • Website
    • Artist Name and Signature

    Your order will also include a card with information specific to each print as well as a hand-written note.

    Packed by Hand

    Each order is packed by hand in our shop. In addition to your prints, you'll find a info card for each print as well as a packing slip with order information.

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    Our paper prints come in 3 distinct sizes.

    We sell our prints as standard sizes, but print them slightly larger than the nominal size. For example, the printed portion of an 11x14" print is actually 11 ½" x 14 ½"; it's slightly larger than a standard mat or frame opening. We feel this helps when framing, since it's better to be slightly oversized.

    If you desire a custom size, don't hesitate to drop us a line!