About Us

David and Blair play at the creek with their kids.

We love the creek. It's a short hike from the house; it's cool and shaded in the summer and a great cold plunge in the winter. We're either in it or by it yearround.

We can't always play at the creek. Most of our days are filled with work. We work so we can be together and spend time with friends and family. We work because we were created by a loving God to be sub-creators and co-workers in redeeming this wonderful world. We love our work, but it's still work. So when we had the idea to create a household business with the express intent of encouraging other households, it just fit.

David has 20 years experience painting. Blair has 20 years of experience with brand partnerships and online marketing. Their four kids have a combined 32 years of inspiring creativity. Together they're so excited to bring their work to your home.

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David McLeod

David Bruce McLeod is a classically trained 21st century artist. His portrait pedigree follows from John Singer Sargent through John Johansen and Everett Raymond Kinstler to his personal mentor Michael Shane Neal. Like these mentors, his painterly approach lends itself a lively feel, allowing him to portray his subjects with the greatest dignity and honesty. Thousands of brushstrokes animate the scene and enliven the features. He believes a work of art is about far more than copying a scene, so he pursues in earnest the nuanced depth of emotion in each subject.

Find more information on David by visiting his fine art website and his portraits website.

Blair McLeod

Blair loves to connect with people and connect people to meaningful experiences and products.

She's a family and brand photographer and bakes a mean sourdough bread (rustic AND slicing loaf!).

She's also held a blog or some sort of social media entity for nearly 20 years and has honed her experience with marketing and advertising to focus primarily on families, farms, and honest consumer goods.

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